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The Pantheon of Self

In my previous post I started to talk about The Pantheon of Self and I eluded to its structure but I didn’t really give you much else to go. As promised though, here is the deep dive. If you reference the above image you will see one of the better public domain pictures of the Pantheon in Rome. It is a very iconic structure and its architecture has inspired a great many building designs in the world. My own personal favorite is the clock tower in the movie series Back to the Future. It also inspired the design for my personal visualization of the self.

For my vizualization the roof represents the core of who you are and then the supports or Pillars of Self represent different aspects of your life that keep you supported across the four fundamental aspects of life: Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual. During my studies I have always really enjoyed ancient civilizations and the development of culture. I hold fast to Maselow’s Heirarchy of Needs and the fact that the stabalization of subsistance is what allowed culture and civilization to develop. I am simpy buildinng on Maselow’s ideas because if you live in any first world and most second world countires you are no longer really making decisions based apon the heirarchy because all of your needs are being met in some small way at least (this is one of my great assumptions). What that means though is we now have the ability/capacity to reflect apon the aspect of our life and then take deliberate and calcualted steps to improve those aspects.

This is how I will work to becoming a “Cyber Renaissance Man”. Over the next several months (and hopefully the foresable future) I am going to be setting improvement goals rooted within the four aspects of life. Something that is taught a lot about goal setting is the idea of attainability and breaking larger goals into smaller milestones so continous progress can be seen. That is where the eight Pillars of Self come into play. These represent my intent to break down larger goals into smaller ones. Instead of saying that I am going to work on improving myself physically, mentally, emotionaly, or spiritually; I am going to work on my Fitness or Wellness, my Aptitute or Academics, my Intamacy or Comradery, or my Inner Peace or Self Knowledge. 

I feel I must make the point that these are MY interpretations of the Pillars of Self. I am a great fan of the experiment that is The Pantheon of Self, but I by no means think that my interepritation is the one and only way to categorize or breakdown what makes up the self. Please feel free to change out the categories or even add more if you like. I am just a slave to symmetry and enjoy the tideness of the above structure. If you do decide to adopt this approach to self improvemnet please let me know what changes you make to it or if you have any suggestions or additonal thoughts that you would like to share. The ability to continouly adapting your approach is key to truely reaching your full potential (in my opinion).

I hope The Pantheon fo Self and the Pillars of Self now make a little more sense to you. The first aspect I am going to focus  on is my Physical aspect. This is because, although each aspect plays an equally important role in making up and supporting who you are, I would be lieing to you and myself if I said that your physical state didn’t have an effect on things like brain function, hormonal balance, and stress relief (read mental, emotional, spiritual).

As always, If you have any questions, comments, concerns…gripes, complaints…bitches, pisses, moans you know where to leave them.

Autodidact, Polymath, Self Help, Self Improvement

What The Heck is Cyber Renaissance?

I am hoping this phrase has sparked some curiosity but I am sure it has caused some confusion. So what do I mean by Cyber Renaissance? Well I first heard the phrase after reading an article about the artistic styling of the video game Deus Ex: Human Revolution by Eidos Montreal (Square Enix). They used the concept to help drive the visual aesthetics of the costuming, architecture, and decoration of the world they created. It is a great game that questions how far is to far when talking scientific advancement and changing what it means to be ‘human’ but that is for a different blog. Being 70 year old man in a 20 something year old body, I really related to the concept of merging the old with the new.

How do we as a society preserve the great things about traditional society while still living in the modern era? It is almost an oxymoron. Where do you draw the line between traditional methods and modern conveniences? I hope to define my own version of that of the course of this journey. What this really boils down to is I have a vision of my ideal self. It is someone that holds true to the traditional, all be it romanticized version, of a gentlemen, educated in a wide variety of hard and soft sciences, and versed in historical and modern culture. An ancient man with a modern skill set. I must admit I was heavily influenced by films like Kate and Leopold and most recently authors such as Jane Austin.

Now please do not confuse Cyber Renaissance with steampunk or even worse…hipster. This is not about fashion, trends, or even cultural appreciation (all though will happen naturally). Cyber Renaissance is about a personal ideal. I don’t shave with cold water and straight razor because it is cool. I do it because it saves my a metric shit ton on razors and my neck is not nearly as irritated. This is about preserving traditions that helped make our ancestors great while using modern advancements in technology and thinking to further ourselves as a species.

Too many people have allowed modern conveniences to make them lazy. We are evolving into a society that uses technology as a crutch instead of using it as a tool to further ourselves. Never before in the history of the world has so much knowledge been available to so many and yet we abuse the Internet as our stage to peacock for others and share silly memes/videos. Now, I am not saying that using social media is a bad thing. It is a great tool for sharing information with family and friends. It aids in spreading humor to millions. It spreads awarness of national and international issues. Most importantly it gives entire nations a way to communicate with the outside world (see Arab Spring).

The key to becoming a Cyber Renaissance Man is leveraging modern technologies and convinences as a tool to futher our personal development across all aspects of life. That brings me to the bases of my approach during this process. About a year ago I came up with the idea of The Pantheon of Self; it is a method of breaking down aspects of Self into four categories: Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual. I then broke those down into two sub-categories leaving eight Pillars of Self that are to be improved. Look for my next post where I will provide a deep dive into The Pantheon of Self and the individual Pillars of Self.

As always, If you have any questions, comments, concerns…gripes, complaints…bitches, pisses, moans you know where to comment.