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The Beginning of a Journey…and Some Introductions

Outside the “Why?” section I have linked up above I figured I should probably take a minute or two and type of a short intro. I mean why on earth would you want to read this blog anyway if you had no idea who was on the other end of the screen; right?

My name is Matt, on social media I go by Mellow.Matte but don’t expect to find me all over the place as of yet. As of now I just have my Instagram and Twitter. I am in my late 20’s and I live in the southwest of the United States. I am sure that through my post and some simple analysis of my Instagram will give you more details then that; but why not make the curious one work a little bit for more info right? I have managed to find a great job that allows me to work from home most days and thus is the reason I have decided to begin this great personal journey (more on that shortly).

A few public service announcements before we begin; grammar and spelling are probably my two greatest weaknesses of all time! That being said, this is a space all about self improvement and so this is me giving all the “grammar nazis” of the world permission to tear my posts apart. All I ask is that you try and be constructive with your feedback. The idea is that we can all learn from my mistakes. Next, I am not here to write a research paper. If I include a source or reference to a post then cool. If I don’t it is probably because the post is made up of my own opinions formed from a diverse collection of sources and experiences. If you really want to know where/why I came up with an idea just ask and I will do my best to further explain my thought process.

This brings me to probably the most important point of all. I AM NOT AN EXPERT. I am not here to claim to be some guru on self improvement nor am I trying to write/sell the next great self help book. I am just documenting my own personal journey so that perhaps others may benefit. There is a great article I read by Tom Nichols of The Federalist that discusses the death of the expert and how everyone and their mothers now has a blog and so many people take what they say as gospel. The Internet is a great thing that gives everyone a chance for their voice to be heard. It is also a horrible thing that gives everyone a chance for their voice to be heard. I mean they will let anyone start a blog these days…even me! All I ask is you do your own research and consult a professional as needed.

Well with all that laid out I feel like it is safe to dive into the actual meat and potatoes of this blog and maybe talk more about my intent…in the next post. If there are any questions, comments, concerns…gripes, complaints…bitches, pisses, moans you know where the comment section is located.